Boys Varsity Football · Football Playoffs 2020

The football team lined up against Alta.

Story by Carter Baldwin. Photo by Jessica Gray

The clock was counting down. 5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3, 2, 1. Our lead was narrow, potentially falling apart at any moment. Alta was putting up a defiant competition and our team was barely holding on. Then it happened. Time seemed to pause as the ball passed between the hands of our players, and then we scored, sealing our victory. Cheers went throughout the stands and sidelines as both the students and the team realized what this meant. We were moving on; we would be in the semifinals. We had beaten our rivals, Springville, the previous week and now had beat Alta. We were going to Dixie to have a shot at the state championship.

The governor’s address Sunday night worried the players. Would they be able to play in the championship, or would it have to be cancelled like most other school activities? Finally, the answer came. With even stricter restrictions, the championship would be allowed to continue. Relief was felt by the team and coaches, but the worry wasn’t all the way gone. Everyone on the team knew that if only one member of the team got sick, they wouldn’t be allowed to play and would have to forfeit the championship. The players made a decision. A lot of them would elect to have online schooling and quarantine until the playoffs in order to make sure everyone stays safe. Taylor Hinckley, a member of the football team, explained that he, “decided to go online because the cases were going up and things were getting stricter and [he] didn’t think it was worth the risk to ruin our playoff games.”

So we hold out hope, Eagles. Hope for a good game. Hope for any sort of a game, and that the players will stay healthy in order to play. Keep on hanging in there Eagles!