Multiple Teams · MMHS Swim Team 2020

Valerie Herrin practicing.
Attributions: Story by Andelin Barlow, Brooklyn Martin, & Keslee Van Orman.

A sport here at MMHS that many students are a part of is the swim team.  It has been hard for them with COVID affecting their practices and meets.  Maelee Crowshaw said, “It’s been a struggle trying to figure out practices, schedules, and having to come on different days.”  Eleah Eastwood said, “It’s kind of hard to balance schedules, and only so many people can be in the pool at once so it makes it harder.”  It hasn’t been an easy start to the season for the swim team this year, but they are still working hard to make it a good one!

There are many different reasons that these athletes join the swim team, and why they love it so much.  Eleah Eastwood said that her favorite part is the team. She said, “We have a lot of fun memories together and some weird stuff. And doing the stuff you love with people you love.”  Maelee Crowshaw told us that, “Making new friends, being a part of the team is really fun. It also takes up one of my classes which is nice.”  Maelee and Eleah also told us the story of how they got into swimming.  Maelee explained, “When I was 9 my mom told me I should try it. So I did a summer team for a couple years, and then I joined a club team. I’ve just loved it ever since. So I just haven’t stopped. It’s been escalating. It started with summer then club, and then the high school team and club together.”  Eleah said, “I started when I was little because I loved the water and loved to swim. I was also doing soccer, and I loved it. I focused on soccer for a while but now I can’t because of an injury so now I just do swim.”

You may be wondering whether swim is more of an individual or a team sport.  We figured out that it is both a team and an individual sport.  Maelee said, “You have your personal record. So you’re trying to beat yourself, and then in the meet you score points for how good you do and everyone’s points on the team add up. So whichever team has the most points wins.”  Eleah told us, “It depends because you have your own individual races, but you also do relays, which are a team thing.”  We had a lot of fun learning all about the swim team here at MMHS, and how much work these athletes put into their sport!