Girls Varsity Swimming · Girls Varsity Swimming finishes 7th place at 5A State Swim Meet

  Place Points
Cottonwood High School 1st 320
Skyline High School 2nd 200
Timpview High School 3rd 167
Corner Canyon High School 4th 160
Olympus High School 5th 158
West High School 6th 155
Maple Mountain High School 7th 143
Wasatch High School 8th 140
Viewmont High School 9th 134
East High School 10th 110
Brighton High School 11th 104
Bountiful High School 12th 97
Woods Cross High School 13th 89
Highland High School 14th 58
Skyridge High School 15th 57
Jordan High School 16th 32
Springville High School 17th 22
Alta High School 18th 12
Provo High School 19th 7
Murray High School 20th 4

5A has the fastest swimmers in all classifications in the state. Making it to state was no easy challenge and these girls accomplished it. With a team of only 4 swimmers they were able to place 7th overall.

On the first day they participated in the 200 Medley Relay. Mallory McKell (11) swam backstroke, Makayla Cazier (12) swam breaststroke, Allyson Cook (11) swam butterfly, and Melody Cazier (09) swam freestyle. They were seeded 9th and dropped 2 seconds finishing in 8th, breaking the school record with a time of 1:53.45.

Melody Cazier went on to race in the 200 freestyle and finished 3rd with a time of 1:57.37, breaking another school record and making it onto the podium. Allyson Cook and Makayla Cazier competed in the 200 IM. Allyson dropped 2 seconds and finished in 9th with a time of 2:13.78. Makayla Cazier finished in 2nd with a time of 2:06.19

On day two, the girls got ready to swim some of their best races. Allyson Cook competed in the 100 butterfly. It was a close race the entire way. Allyson cook battled her way to the finish and completed her race in 5th place. Making her way onto the podium with a time of 59.74.

Melody Cazier was up next in the 100 Freestyle. Melody was racing against everyone older then her. She went in, gave it her all, and came out taking 4th with a time of 53.44, setting a new school record and making her sectionals cut for club swimming.

It then was time for Makayla Cazier to swim her 500 freestyle. This time she was determined to get 1st. The starter went off, all swimmers in the water for the longest race. This race pushes you physically and mentally. Makayla went in strong and held it the enter race. She finished with a time of 5:02.45, taking 1st. She had concurred her goal and climbed to the top of the podium.

The final race was the 400 freestyle relay. The girls were placed in 8th going in. The race began with Melody Cazier, who went in and took the lead. Mallory McKell followed suit and for the first 50 held the lead and then getting passed fell back to 6th, all swimmers were neck and neck. Allyson Cook dove in, determined to excel. She pulled the team up to 5th. Makayla Cazier the anchor, went in and had the race of her life, and just barely being out touched landed in 4th. They girls dropped an incredible 7 seconds from their time, blowing the school record out of the water. They finished in 3:38.84.

These girls performed incredibly well! They set multiple school records, achieved personal goals, and represented their school well. It will be great to watch them as they continue to swim through their club swimming and coming back to next years season.