Sports Medicine

What is Sports Medicine?

MMHS Sports Medicine is committed to helping student-athletes and parents understand every aspect involved in participation in athletics and what to do when a student-athlete suffers an injury.  The information provided is designed to help parents navigate through all the details when a student-athlete suffers an injury.

All paperwork from a health care professional can be faxed to: 801-795-6744.

Communication is the key to a successful return to participation, parents can contact the Licensed Athletic Trainer(s) at: 801-794-6740 ext:1579 or by email(s) at: Krista Prusak, MS ATC:

Athletic Physicals

Athletic physicals are REQUIRED for all student-athletes who participate in sports.  The athletic physical are available on registermyathlete or in the main office.

Physicals are required on the MMHS physical form.Athletic physical packets should be turned in no later than ONE week BEFORE the start of the athletic season, not the start of each sport. Re-Certification Process for Subsequent Sport(s) Participation(Winter and Spring seasons).

MMHS requires any student-athlete who wants to participate in a subsequent sport(s) season re-complete try-out permission slip with Margaret in the Counseling Office This includes a new grade check and changing the Register My Athlete profile over to the new sport.

Medical Releases for Routine Medical Visits or for Illnesses

Any time a student-athlete sees a licensed medical professional during the athletic season, please secure a written release for the sport they are participating in.  This includes ANY type of physician office visit, Med Express, or ER-type visits.

Licensed medical professionals include:

  • Medical Doctor (MD, DO) or any specialist with the credentials MD or DO (i.e. Dermatologist)
  • Dentist (DMD) or any specialist with the credentials MD or DMD (i.e. Orthodontist)
  • Podiatrist (DPM)
  • Chiropractors
  • Physical Therapist
  • Massage Therapists
  • Sports Performance Specialist, etc.

Releases should have the student-athletes name, date of visit, return to sports without restrictions, and health care providers signature.

Medical Releases for Return to Participation from an Injury

All injuries that occur at a home or away event should be reported to the Licensed Athletic Trainer as soon as possible by either the student-athlete, coach or parent/guardian.  If a student-athlete seeks additional medical attention from a licensed health care provider (including Med Express or ER visits), they must secure a written release stating when they can return to full participation without restriction.

All injury releases should contain:

  • Student-athletes name
  • Date of appointment
  • Reason for visit or Diagnosis
  • Health care professionals signature
  • Date for full return to participation without restrictions
  • Any special athletic training services requested by the licensed health care professionals (i.e. taping, bracing, modalities, etc.)

Releases should be submitted to the Licensed Athletic Trainer or can also be faxed to 801-794-6744.

Concussion Management Plan

All student-athletes are REQUIRED to complete a baseline neuro-cognitive baseline concussion test prior to participation in any athletic activity.  MMHS offers the Compiterized ImPact test, which can only be completed with the Licensed Athletic Trainers at MMHS

All student-athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion MUST BE evaluated by a licensed health care provider trained in the evaluation and management of concussions.

The student-athlete is required to complete the UHSAA gradual Return to Participation (RTP) program with the Licensed Athletic Trainer at MMHS before they can return to participation.

Student-athletes should see the Licensed Athletic Trainer(s) in the athletic training room DAILY, unless otherwise specified.

A licensed healthcare provider trained in the evaluation and management of concussions should provide a gradual return to participation program or sign off on the 5 Step Return to Participation form used by the Sports Medicine Department.

Student-athletes will also have a repeat baseline concussion test prior to the RTP protocol.